Motivation is what makes us act

Motivation is what makes us act

The importance of motivation in our lives can never be overstated. It is the singular most important factor that helps us achieve our goals. If we were devoid of any motivation our lives would remain stagnant. Mankind would not have reached where it is right now if it were not for motivation. Motivation is necessary for a person’s personal as well as professional life. There are many ways in which people can be motivated. It is motivation that causes any kind of human behaviour. Reasons for a person’s motivation can vary from one person to the next. It is the driving force behind every one of our actions. Continue reading

Entrepreneur and Motivation

Entrepreneurs and Motivation: Is it worth it or should you just give up?

Harvard researchers have found that first-time entrepreneurs only have an 18% chance of succeeding. By mere observation alone, if you’re one of the brave people stepping out as an entrepreneur, you will face difficulties if you want to succeed. There are things you can do to help your business succeed, but there are also some things that you can focus on to help you personally. Continue reading

Titan Zeus 370-inch 4K TV

Now that’s a TV! TITAN ZEUS 370-INCH 4K TV

Uncrate | There are lots of things about the Titan Zeus 370-Inch 4K TV that are just a little bit insane. For starters, there’s the size: this behemoth measures in at 370 inches corner to corner, meaning that you’re going to need an awfully big room — or outdoor space — to enjoy it. It also weighs nearly a ton, so you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got plenty of support underneath it. It’s 4K resolution, so you’re going to have to put in some work to find stuff to show on it, and only four are being made, so you’d best hurry. But if you’ve got the $1.7 million to pay for it, odds are you can get the rest of that sorted out.

Cole Haan ZeroGrand Oxford Stitchless

More than just traditional footwear – Cole Haan ZeroGrand

Cole Haan ZeroGrand No Stitch Oxford is all about innovation and changing how we think traditional shoes should be made. Forgoing traditional stitching, these lightweight shoes feature welded seams, helping cut down on the overall number of components, and an EVA outsole, spine, and foot bed that help reduce weight — each shoe only weighs around 290 grams (based on an 8.5 size). The upper is made from polyurethane die cut sheet stock and polyester rip-stop textile, allowing it to stay rugged while providing a more modern look. These shoes are great for about anything – a wedding, the clubs… it may also be comfortable enough for a hike. Try it on yourself, check them out at Cole Haan ZeroGrand

Motivation through Inspiration