Dress Your Age: 30s

Most of us here are hitting our 30’s and some even their 40’s so we asked “Ask Men” how should we be dressing, this is what found:

Being a 30-something is the stylistic equivalent of purgatory. Somewhere between college and kids, men have managed to mistranslate the rigorous responsibilities of adulthood into a wardrobe devoid of any flavor. Before you know it, your collection of what was once kick-ass clothing boils down to nothing more than Barack Obama jeans, tees that come in triple value packs, and a single Men’s Warehouse-size suit reserved for weddings and funerals.
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Ever wondered what’s inside a Birchbox Box?

Interested in getting the newest and trendiest things in men and women’s grooming?! If your like me, shopping for grooming products is usually based on brand names that your already accustomed in purchasing or products that you grew up watching your parents use when you were a kid. But because I don’t feel like using Brut for men as I am entering my mid-30s Birchbox seems like a likely place I can trust to send me the newest and coolest products to use.
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10 of the Fastest 2014 Cars Under $30k

Everyone likes to have fun, even the people car shopping on a budget. Sometimes you don’t realize that car-induced fun can come at a low price. If you have a smaller car budget but want something that will get your heart racing as you drive to your soul-crushing desk job, check out the following ten fast cars that can be had for under $30,000. Continue reading 10 of the Fastest 2014 Cars Under $30k