Wine 101 – An Intro to the World of Wine

In this course, our Senior Professor, John Benson, from Indulge Wine School – the largest consumer wine education company in the U.S. – takes you on a journey that starts with the basics of wine tasting, from glassware to tasting steps. Then, he’ll taste you through six of the most popular wine varietals – Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. During the tastings, you’ll learn about the key characteristics of the grape varietal, some wine history, key growing regions, the specific winery and wine he’ll be tasting you on, and much more! Continue reading Wine 101 – An Intro to the World of Wine

The SECRETS to Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer!

Some of us are motivated by becoming the next Social Media Mogul, others by starting and owning their own business. But the masses want to just land their dream job and get paid doing what they love to do and find success and satisfaction by making others look and feel good. Getting started in the fashion industry can be hard work and everyone has the desire to create something that everyone will love and buy, but figuring out where to start is a task for many – In this book you will learn professional secrets to getting “The Killer Job” you have always wanted!

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The 7 Master Moves of Success

Success is journey not a destination – so goes the cliché… but it is true! To navigate that journey and path – you need to identify the right moves and when to make them!

Success requires knowledge and application!

Making the right moves in life is how you get ahead. But how do you recognize the right time to make your moves, and what those moves actually entail?!?

This 7 step guide to success is unique. It draws together the best methods and theories of the self-help space into an easy-to-understand and focused guide for personal success

  • A synthesis of leading edge thinking into the science of success
  • Written by one of the UK’s leading performance coaches
  • Forget dry and academic. This is an absorbing and uplifting book!
  • Accessible, Practical, and Easy to Implement

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STROMER ST2 ELECTRIC BIKE – Bike of the Future

myStromer AG develops and markets innovative e-bikes. The strength of the company lies in the development of and mechanical components, electric components, software, and the complete system integration.The Swiss company was founded in 2009 by Thomas Binggeli, and since the end of 2011 has belonged to the BMC Group. In March, 2013 the company opened its headquarters in Oberwangen near Bern, Switzerland. The entire facility’s energy is provided by rooftop solar cells, and every battery used in the assembly of Stromer e-bikes is filled with solar-derived energy. At the Oberwangen campus, management, engineering, research and development, assembly, logistics, customer service and even a Stromer flagship retail store are located under one roof. A second assembly location for the European market is located in Riedstadt, Germany. Continue reading STROMER ST2 ELECTRIC BIKE – Bike of the Future