Modern Cornhole

Red Wood & Blue’s original Indoor Cornhole Set was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, few ever got to experience it up close, since it sold out pretty much immediately. Consider these Modern Cornhole Boards a second chance. Still designed for use indoors or in cramped quarters, each board is roughly half the size of its standard counterpart, with 8-ply tapered legs and die-cut non-stick feet to help it stay in place, a sturdy 6-ply deck, and a durable laminate exterior coating. Made in the USA, just like their far less obtainable predecessors.

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The First Ever Paper Airplane Drone

Think you need a huge protective case to carry your drone around? With the PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane Drone, all you need is a small bag and a piece of paper. Developed in collaboration with Parrot, this lightweight drone lets you control your creations, with a wide-angle camera that rotates 360º to give you front, rear, and wing views, a bevy of sensors to give it rock-stable auto-pilot, and special Head Mounted Display gestures in the app that are ideal for VR. It has a 300 foot range, thanks to a MIMO Wi-Fi antenna, can move at speeds of up to 20 mph for up to 10 minutes per charge, and has a carbon fiber and nylon reinforced frame so it should hold up even if it comes crashing down.

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Wood Studio House

Simple and form and materials, the Wood Studio House is designed to be eco-friendly in every aspect, from the direction it faces to the placement of the windows. It’s set on a hill above a town north of Barcelona, and built on top of an older structure to minimize its environmental impact. The wood that both frames the house and is used to clad the exterior and interior walls is sourced from the Catalan Pyrenees, there are solar panels on the roof for electricity, a small beehouse for honey, and water tanks that collect from the roofs and exterior pavement, in turn using it for irrigating the lawn and organic kitchen garden. The interior is similarly simple, with stark white floors and cabinetry contrasting with the natural walls, ceiling, and black fireplace with integrated wood storage.

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MYPERFECTDAY in Vienna: a walk on Vienna’s wild side with Hannah and her Lipizzan

Hannah, the first assistant rider at the Spanish Riding School, shows you her favorite spots in Vienna and gives you an up-close look at what it’s like to work with the renowned Lipizzaner stallions.

Hannah’s perfect day starts on horseback – during the morning exercise at the Spanish Riding School (1st district, Michaelerplatz 1). The school has cultivated classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the Haute Ecole for 450 years.

It might come as a surprise that some white Lipizzans are actually brown and many horses have nicknames. Hannah sets the record straight. A look at the tack room makes it clear that order rules the day, which makes sense in an all-male stable that houses 72 stallions. And off we go: before we can cry whoa, horsey, Hannah leaps into the saddle and trots into the manège! Continue reading MYPERFECTDAY in Vienna: a walk on Vienna’s wild side with Hannah and her Lipizzan