3 Things You Need in Order to Succeed

3 Things You Need in Order to Succeed

Have you ever wondered what makes great people so great? We see their success and wonder how they managed to get to where they are in life. It’s easy to see only success without seeing the process of getting there. There are many things these “great people” have in common, but I think there are three that stick out above all the others.

There’s something to be said about, “The Little Train That Could.” The perseverance mentality is a quality that is found in great people. There’s something about overcoming adversity that speaks loudly of character, integrity and grit. There is security in following a leader who doesn’t quit when things get tough. This mindset of pushing through and meeting goals is one that we admire. It makes for great movies that we flock to, shed tears over, and leave feeling motivated and compelled to make something better of our lives. This, never give up, mindset is found in game changers whose fortitude inspires others and invites them along in the path to greatness. Developing this mindset takes discipline and a genuine desire to achieve what you have set out to accomplish. It comes easier for some, but can be learned by all. Surround yourself with people who motivate you. People who build you up instead of tear you down. Be careful of the voices you are listening to, and even more careful of the lies you are telling yourself. Often, our own thoughts can lead to our destruction. Be quick to take negative thoughts captive and replace those thoughts with what is true.

Surround yourself with people who motivate you. People who build you up instead of tear you down.

Taking an assessment of your true abilities is necessary in getting to where you want to be. It’s important to know what you are currently able to do, as well as what you can and need to learn in order to get to the final goal. In that recognition, sometimes we have to admit where we fall short and let others who excel in those areas step in to help. When you know your strengths, you are able to utilize those things well. Ability can expand far beyond you. Maybe this means assessing the team you work with and moving people around based on their natural and developed abilities. Using these resources and aptitudes of people well, changes more than just the outcome as it affects the entire morale of the group. If you feel confident in what you are doing and are passionate about it, then you feel more purpose and desire to contribute more to the group effort. In contrast, if you do not possess the abilities or skills needed for a task, you will struggle more and feel more prone to be discouraged. This leads to a downward spiral of negative thoughts. There are times when we have to do these things that we are not passionate about or even feel adequate to do, but be sure to balance those things with time of truly using your talents and abilities in order to remain encouraged.

Having the needed resources to accomplish your goal is a huge factor to take into consideration when it comes to planning and pushing towards completing your goal. Evaluating your current and potential resources must be based upon reality. Too many entrepreneurs step into their business prepared to handle the first year, but end up closing between years 2-3 because they lacked the necessary resources needed to overcome shortfalls and even growth. Many times there are potential resources available for them, but they are never tapped into because they are never explored. Clearly communicating a vision allows other the opportunity to join you in the journey. Other resources range from money, people, and locations and are valuable and necessary to help you meet your end goal. Personal resources determine how a family functions and creates a life within its means. Using carpools, family night out swaps, etc… are great ways to use resources near you in a way that builds up your relationships. Networking is a great way to build resources in the business realm. My grandfather used to tell me to never take any relationship for granted. “From the janitor to the president,” he’d say, “treat them with respect because you never know when you’ll need their services.” Whatever it is that you’re working towards, take a careful look at your available supplies and resources before jumping into things ill-prepared.

“treat them with respect because you never know when you’ll need their services.”

Dr. Bobbie Sparks is the Vice President of Product Development and Global Affairs at www.timeandeternity.net. Time & Eternity is a personal, professional, and organizational development company designed to bring out the best in you and your organization. Find us on Twitter @TimeEternity.

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