Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet on Kickstarter

Billetus – Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet on Kickstarter

Our new friend Dennis Kaping got in touch with us the other day letting us know about a new product that he just recently launched on Kickstarter. He wanted to put a new minimilistic twist to an old problem: uncomfortable wallets with hard and sharp edges.

Billetus – A Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Wallet.

On his page he quickly defines Billetus as a thin lightweight, comfortable wallet for everyday carry. With the materials that he used and the techniques he used to build this wallet – that’s exactly what it is: light and comfortable.

The Billetus also carries other features:

  • Super-strong
  • Finest Materials: Carbon fiber, titanium and aircraft grade aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • RFID blocking
  • Super Slim: As thin or thinner than an iPhone 4S (not empty, full with cash and cards)
  • Easy access in and out of your pocket
  • Enclosed Money Clip – Standard money clips have sharp corners that put holes in your pocket
  • Above else, comfortable to carry!

Take a look at his campaign here and support to make this wallet a reality.

Go to Kickstarter

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