Bogarde BMX Bike

BMX Bike Reinvented by Bogarde

BMX bike has reached its peak in 1991. Tuff, easy to handle with a unique look this bike is symbol of freedom for a whole generation. Iconic, it is highly represented in the 80’s culture and still strong in our memories.

Bogarde reinvents the original BMX spirit based on a retro-futuristic approach. Sleek and streamlined styling combined with crafted and original details create a strong and unique urban riding experience.

Three years have been necessary for Paris based label Bogarde to develop an 80’s inspired BMX. The idea was to create a highly evocative object only manufactured with premium materials in order to rediscover the original BMX spirit.

Bogarde presents a first collection, a 24″ bike that comes in three different colours and will be available in May 2015 through select concept-stores.

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