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The Land Rover Defender and Chevrolet Corvette are two of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. So it only makes sense to combine them. The East Coast Defender Beast SUV pairs the Rover’s off-road prowess and masculine lines with the Corvette’s power, resulting in a highly capable ride. It’s powered by an LS3 Stingray engine linked to Ashcroft drive shafts and axles, capable of moving the entire package from 0-60 in under seven seconds. There are upgraded brakes for added stopping power, and the interior has an 8-piece JBL speaker system, hand-stitched racing seats for secure but comfortable travelling, and a Momo steering wheel for precise maneuvers. Continue reading EAST COAST DEFENDER BEAST SUV

Jaguar Axes XK Series in Favor of F-Type Agility and Performance

Inquisitr | In a surprise move announced by Jaguar at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the luxury and performance car manufacturer revealed that it will be discontinuing production of its XK Coupe in model year 2015 in favor of focusing its energies on producing its F-Type sports cars. Continue reading Jaguar Axes XK Series in Favor of F-Type Agility and Performance

Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack (2014) first photos

Land Rover has tacitly admitted that Range Rover Sport buyers are different to Range Rover customers: the Stealth Pack unveiled today is a personalisation programme which makes RRS models stand out from the crowd.

Available on HSE Dynamic and Autobiography Range Rover Sport models only, the Stealth Pack is ironically named: it’s designed to make owners stand out, rather than melt into the background.

But then that’s always been the way with the Range Rover Sport, the model that likes to show off a little more than its more restrained big brother. Continue reading Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack (2014) first photos

5 Exciting Cars Worth Waiting For

Inside Car News | What makes a car worth waiting for? For some enthusiasts, the pure spectacle of a new, unique vehicle that they might see flying by them one day is worth it. For others, it’s a fun car within their means. For others, it’s the stirring of memories from the past. Whatever your reason, the following five cars just may be worth putting off buying that new car for a little while longer. Continue reading 5 Exciting Cars Worth Waiting For