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ATX Headblade: The Brand for Head Shavers Everywhere

5 Stars (5 / 5)
With the holiday’s coming up quickly this is the perfect razor for anyone new to HeadBlade or shaving their head in general to receive as a gift.

The ATX All Terrain Razor (introduced in 2012) has been in development for over three years. The four official mandates it had to satisfy:

  1. Utilize new multi-blade technology that had flow through design.
  2. Eliminate the learning curve for anyone who previously used a conventional razor.
  3. Be an effective and versatile face, body, and leg shaver.
  4. Give a faster, easier, and more efficient headshave than any previous HeadBlade.

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Billetus – Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet on Kickstarter

Our new friend Dennis Kaping got in touch with us the other day letting us know about a new product that he just recently launched on Kickstarter. He wanted to put a new minimilistic twist to an old problem: uncomfortable wallets with hard and sharp edges. Continue reading Billetus – Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet on Kickstarter

This Cool New Invention Is the Latest Proposal Must-Have

5 Stars (5 / 5)

As proposals become more and more creative, couples are eager to document them as they happen. But even someone who isn’t planning an amazing Disney proposal might want to remember the moment without having a photographer or vidoegrapher there to tip off their partner, or who could make things feel less intimate. That’s why we’re digging the Ring Cam, a new ring box with a high-quality video camera hidden inside.

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BioLite KettleCharge

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Serious power. Clean water. On any stove.

Inspired by the outdoors while also keeping you prepared at home, the KettleCharge provides off-grid power and potable water in a matter of minutes. Unlike solar panels, the KettleCharge is ready night or day, and at 10 watts, it will charge USB devices as fast as a wall outlet, even tablets.

An evolution of BioLite’s core thermoelectric technology, the KettleCharge uses the water you boil to produce electricity. It works on a wide range of stoves and serves as a perfect personal-scale generator for your everyday devices. Just fill, heat, charge.

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A Spiky Outdoor Speaker That Charges Your Gadgets

3 Stars (3 / 5)
It’s pretty hard for a Bluetooth speaker to stand out these days, but Outdoor Tech’s Big Turtle Shell commands attention for a few reasons. It’s summertime antics-proof, it keeps your other devices’ batteries topped off while you listen to music, and it will get loud.
The Big Turtle Shell looks like a geometric approximation of the Batmobile Tumbler. It comes in black. And those sharp angles on the speaker’s surface are designed for more than just looking interesting. When the speaker is laid flat, all that choppy terrain helps it push sound in directions other than straight up in the air. Continue reading A Spiky Outdoor Speaker That Charges Your Gadgets