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Drive Style by Michelin: A Mercedes AMG Adrenaline Rush

A Mercedes-AMG and the Autobahn: the perfect combo to experience speed

Matthais Malmedie and Helge Thomson join to together with Michelin and Mercedes to introduce and experience the pure power of the brand new 2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 S 4matic+ (say that 4 times fast). Their take on this journey on the Autobahn was fun and entertaining to say the least—instead of stating the simple facts about this powerful vehicle, they took it to the next step and experienced the vehicle in a whole new different way—allowing us to experience it with them. From the floor to the factory and ultimately the road, we learned about the Mercedes AMG from different points of views. We really got to appreciate the new Mercedes from the inside-out.

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The struggles of entrepreneurship – Heart to heart with Jane

Shopify Success Stories: Inspiring stories of everyday people using Shopify to sell online, in store and anywhere in between.


Jane lays is all out, by letting everyone know that entrepreneurship is not all “Unicorns and Rainbows.”

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Shopify Stories: Purple Urchin

Shopify Success Stories: Inspiring stories of everyday people using Shopify to sell online, in store and anywhere in between »


Purple Urchin’s Story:
What started as mad experiments in a damp, dark basement soon became a business operating at farmers’ markets, craft sales and online. We have since vacated our original den of hygienic sorcery and set up a Chinatown storefront and production space. Continue reading Shopify Stories: Purple Urchin

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IKEA – Let’s Relax

Let’s relax. It’s time to check those expectations at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together.

IKEA has just launched a new campaign called “Let’s Relax,” that focuses on the Renaissance era and their interpretation of “Food Porn.” It’s great to see that IKEA is breaking out of their mold when it comes to developing a digital campaign that will make the younger generation take a second look.

This video begins with a dinner scene at a cottage in which a portrait gets created rather than a snapshot from a phone or even an actual camera in this case. Its shared through “social media” from that point as the workers begin to share the portrait all around town — by foot — to gain LIKES.

It than wraps up in the present time. Fun and quirky way to showcase the new IKEA kitchen and dining room, without throwing the products in their consumer’s face. Take a look at the clip right here.

”We’re single, but not ’leftovers’” – Chinese women refuse being pressured into marriage

”Sheng Nu literally translates to ’leftover woman’”, says Li Yu Xuan, a 33-year old single Chinese woman. ”It refers to women over 25 who are not married.” In a new film by International Prestige Skincare Brand SK-ll, Xuan and others are voicing their concerns, asking for better understanding.

Last year, International Prestige Skincare Brand SK-ll, launched #changedestiny – an ongoing global campaign to inspire and empower women to shape their own destiny. As a part of this campaign SK-II has been sharing stories of women who overcame challenges and barriers that were preventing them from achieving their dreams and goals. The success stories of these women have become a source of inspiration to women around the world. In keeping with this theme, they are now premiering the film ”Marriage Market”, putting a spotlight on the real-life issue of Chinese women being pressured to get married before they turn 27. In it, a number of brave Chinese women have daringly chosen to speak their mind about one of the most controversial subjects in recent Chinese history, the ”Sheng Nu” label. According to The New York Times, the term was made popular by the All-China Women’s Federation in 2007 and translates to ”leftover woman”. As has been reported by the BBC, The New York Times and China Daily, the term has been used to denounce women who, regardless of the reason, want to wait with marriage – women who simply want to marry for love. Continue reading ”We’re single, but not ’leftovers’” – Chinese women refuse being pressured into marriage

Fly Metropolis with Turkish Airlines US

As a proud online sponsor of the anticipated blockbuster movie Batman vs. Superman, Turkish Airlines has served up a new campaign called “Fly Metropolis.” Watch this video and click to visit the site where you will learn more about the city of Metropolis–from the attractions to shopping, also sign up and get a tourist visa as well as a city guide from Timeout magazine. Come explore how Metropolis is famous for its forward-looking, optimistic spirit, captured in its nickname ‘City of Tomorrow’. Continue reading Fly Metropolis with Turkish Airlines US

KLM Bluey – Bluey and the Christmas Airshow

KLM understands it is in all passengers’ interest when kids feel comfortable on board. Bluey offered the airline a great opportunity to present kids more than just the customary diversion.

KLM already offered their younger passengers some incentives to be entertained on board, but bringing Bluey to life turns their experience into a much richer and memorable experience. The Bluey narrative ties the whole kids experience tighter together and provides a foundation for future expansion of the program.

To bring Bluey to life, KLM developed several episodes of adventurous animation movies. These movies are available via KLM’s Inflight Entertainment System and online. Under his daddy’s wings, Bluey learns things about flying and mischievously explores the world.

In this episode, you will see that it’s very reminiscent of Disney’s “Planes” and “Cars” where you have a young character who plays the underdog to help save the day. The characters are Bluey, the little KLM plane and his friend Rudolph. With his ingenuity Bluey helps his friend Rudolph win an air stunt show. A very heartwarming story that will keep your kids and the “kids-in-heart” entertained and wanting more.