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Rogue Red Valley View Wine

Costco | Finding good, drinkable reds for $10 or less is never an easy task. Most have something funky on the finish or lack any real discernible flavor. But Costco seems to have a knack for sniffing out good wines at really good price points. The Rogue Red blend from Valley View Winery priced at $9.99 falls into that bucket for me.

redRogueThis wine is a blend of seven varietals that come together to create an easy drinking, rich and enjoyable $10 bottle of wine. Nose has floral aromas, a little spice, and nutmeg perhaps. In the mouth, flavors are dark fruit and berry, followed by a touch of chocolate and pepper; the wine finishes dry and sticky in the mouth, overall pretty solid for a wine in this price range.

This is your everyday drinker, perfect for quick burgers on the grill, or pizza night. It’s a super safe bet for almost any red wine fan, and as such, a good choice if you’re looking for something to bring to a party. I’d like to keep a few of these bottles on hand given their versatility. Recommended.