Drive Style by Michelin

Drive Style by Michelin: A Mercedes AMG Adrenaline Rush

A Mercedes-AMG and the Autobahn: the perfect combo to experience speed

Matthais Malmedie and Helge Thomson join to together with Michelin and Mercedes to introduce and experience the pure power of the brand new 2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 S 4matic+ (say that 4 times fast). Their take on this journey on the Autobahn was fun and entertaining to say the least—instead of stating the simple facts about this powerful vehicle, they took it to the next step and experienced the vehicle in a whole new different way—allowing us to experience it with them. From the floor to the factory and ultimately the road, we learned about the Mercedes AMG from different points of views. We really got to appreciate the new Mercedes from the inside-out.

When you thought the video was over these two threw in the adrenaline rush of mountain biking and Riesen-Rutschbahn, which helped illustrate that the speed and intensity that one can receive from the 2017 Mercedes AMG is equivalent to the type of energy and excitement that someone would experience from any of these heart-pounding and adrenaline filled activities to say the least.

Though most won’t probably ever find their way onto a Riesen-Rutschbahn, eyes are now directed on this brand new Mercedes AMD E 63. With its sleek new design and luxurious interior, that Mercedes excels in, matched with the pure power and exceptional control that is notably sought after from avid drivers, the Mercedes AMG E 63 is a vehicle anyone would love to have in their garage.

Looking forward to more Drive Style videos by Michelin and seeing what other stories they will be able to put together.

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