G-Shock G'Mix GBA-400

G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400 – Get Deeper into Music

G-Shock is getting into the groove of innovation with a Bluetooth® Smart Technology. What’s different in this version than on earlier versions? You now have the power to control your music.

Bluetooth® Smart enables linking between the watch and a phone for remote control of the phone’s music player, simpler configuration of watch settings, and much more. Using the new G’MIX music app provides a new level of personalization to music playback. The G’MIX App in combination with the G’MIX GBA-400 watch makes music playback more enjoyable than ever.

Enhances music-listening pleasure with smartphone linkage
A new G’MIX music app lets you customize your music playback with an equalizer with presets for the type of music being played (rock, pop, etc.), a sound field (reverb) setting that reproduces the ambiance of various different live venues, and more. A SEARCH MODE even lets you use your smartphone to pick up the sound of music being played in your area and search for its title.

Music Control
Linking with the new G’MIX music app lets you adjust music playback settings from the watch, without even taking out your phone. You can also use your smartphone to search for a song playing in your area and display its title on the watch, and even produce sounds from your phone by pressing a watch button. The G’MIX App makes music playback more enjoyable than ever.

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