How Bruce Lee Came Back From the Dead for UFC

Mashable | “Bruce Lee” has been appearing in video games for decades, whether it’s Marshall (and Forest) Law in the Tekken series, Fei Long in Street Fighter, or in some ill-fated games on the SNES, Genesis, Commodore and Gameboy Advance. But Bruce has never really shown up looking and acting like himself with fidelity and realism.

Before EA could start animating, Hayes needed to get the character approved. Hayes flew to the LA headquarters of Bruce Lee Enterprises to convince Lee’s estate and Shannon, its CEO and Bruce’s daughter.

“She asked me ‘What do you think of UFC fans saying [Bruce] never competed, he doesn’t belong here, or Jeet Kune Do people saying UFC has too many rules, he would never do it?'” Hayes, who grew up watching Lee’s films, did blink: part of Lee’s creed – “don’t get set into one form’ – seems custom-made for MMA, Lee trained in judo and grappling, and even sported vale tudo shorts and ground submissions in the iconic Enter the Dragon. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be Lee?

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