How To Slow Time

Here are 3 simple ways to slow time and experience the meaning, magic and beauty of life:

1. Heighten your senses.
When you are being more aware and present to the moment, it can feel like time s-l-o-w-s down. Do you remember times when moments seemed to slow down? That first kiss. Seeing your child graduate. An incredible meal or celebration that seemed to last forever.

These things seem to move in slow motion because the moment meant something to you and thus your awareness was heightened. To slow time, then, train yourself to heighten your senses. Breath more slowly and deeply. Pay more attention to the sounds and sights all around you. Broaden your awareness and take in more of your experience. These things help you slow time down and really experience life again.

2. Minimize the number of things you pay attention to.
Get rid of distractions and don’t pay attention to so many things. The more you multitask, the less you do things with excellence, the less fulfilled you feel and the less capable you become. Learn to say no more and take on fewer things. Evaluate your opportunities and pay attention to only those things that matter. For example, when your loved ones come home, meet them at the door and have a moment where there is nothing else but them. Make that moment all there is. Make it a moment of real connection. In these singular moments of focus time slows down and becomes more meaningful.

3. Focus on heightening your feelings.
Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, we numb out. When life is going so fast, a lot of people don’t feel…anything. We kiss our loved ones and we don’t even feel it because we are not there in the moment. But the more moments you create by feeling the emotions of others and tuning back into your emotions with greater depth, the more you will notice your days start to count.

Over time as you do these things, you won’t feel so distracted or stressed. You will sense more slow, emotional moments that you will enjoy and remember with fondness. You will start to feel life again, and you will start to experience what we call The Charged Life!

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