Celebrity Looks with Designer Julian Chang’s New Stylish Line

Celebrities are some of the most fashion-forward people in the world. They set trends on the daily and have the confidence to be bold with what they where. Fashion should make a statement and is something that should be seen and just “worn”. Miami based fashion designer Julian Chang agrees. He’s no stranger to having celebrities where his designs. Lindsey Lohan, Gloria Estefan, and Paris Hilton have all be dressed by Chang in his feminine line. Continue reading Celebrity Looks with Designer Julian Chang’s New Stylish Line

WORLDboots: Unique New Sneaker Company Launches

From founder Marc Bruder and designer Ben Zerbe comes the next generation of footwear, WORLDboots. Since it’s creation, WORLDboots’ purpose has been to establish and re-envision the genre of sneakerboots, using handmade craftsmanship and premium materials, combined with a “fashion meets function” mindset. WORLDboots desires to introduce unique, timeless and luxurious pieces all while helping the less fortunate by contributing to Soles 4 Souls, in an effort to eradicate poverty.  Continue reading WORLDboots: Unique New Sneaker Company Launches

Shopify Stories: Purple Urchin

Shopify Success Stories: Inspiring stories of everyday people using Shopify to sell online, in store and anywhere in between » http://bit.ly/12Rth5K


Purple Urchin’s Story:
What started as mad experiments in a damp, dark basement soon became a business operating at farmers’ markets, craft sales and online. We have since vacated our original den of hygienic sorcery and set up a Chinatown storefront and production space. Continue reading Shopify Stories: Purple Urchin

Millionaire Brendon Burchard Shares The One Most Important Trait “Experts” Need To Succeed

Brendon Burchard (Courtesy of The Experts Academy)

This month, I had one of the most eye-opening and enlivening interviews I’ve ever experienced with a personality in the expert industry. The interviewee was Brendon Burchard, New York Times best-selling author of The Millionaire Messenger and Founder of Experts Academy. After reading The Millionaire Messenger, I felt compelled to connect with Brendon to get a first-hand glimpse of his fresh and motivating perspectives on how experts can achieve tremendous financial success while sharing their special messages with the world – something so many experts want to do but can’t seem to discover how. Continue reading Millionaire Brendon Burchard Shares The One Most Important Trait “Experts” Need To Succeed

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IKEA – Let’s Relax

Let’s relax. It’s time to check those expectations at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together.

IKEA has just launched a new campaign called “Let’s Relax,” that focuses on the Renaissance era and their interpretation of “Food Porn.” It’s great to see that IKEA is breaking out of their mold when it comes to developing a digital campaign that will make the younger generation take a second look.

This video begins with a dinner scene at a cottage in which a portrait gets created rather than a snapshot from a phone or even an actual camera in this case. Its shared through “social media” from that point as the workers begin to share the portrait all around town — by foot — to gain LIKES.

It than wraps up in the present time. Fun and quirky way to showcase the new IKEA kitchen and dining room, without throwing the products in their consumer’s face. Take a look at the clip right here.


The Land Rover Defender and Chevrolet Corvette are two of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. So it only makes sense to combine them. The East Coast Defender Beast SUV pairs the Rover’s off-road prowess and masculine lines with the Corvette’s power, resulting in a highly capable ride. It’s powered by an LS3 Stingray engine linked to Ashcroft drive shafts and axles, capable of moving the entire package from 0-60 in under seven seconds. There are upgraded brakes for added stopping power, and the interior has an 8-piece JBL speaker system, hand-stitched racing seats for secure but comfortable travelling, and a Momo steering wheel for precise maneuvers. Continue reading EAST COAST DEFENDER BEAST SUV

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