How a Kid in a Gang Became a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur

Ryan Blair Story: How a Kid in a Gang Became a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur

This is a great story for you guys who think that success is only for the privileged. This was an interview with a man named Ryan Blair, we stumbled on this interview when searching through for some good reads to share. Enjoy!

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Quick background of Ryan Blair’s interview

I fly a lot. And I see a lot of airport bookstores. Last year I saw a lot of cool orange book covers with the catchy title Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain. Naturally I wanted to know who the author was. I was not expecting what I found when I read the book. Ryan Blair’s life reads like an award-winning documentary (which it is):

When he was 13 his dad left his family.
When he was 14 he was in a gang.
When he was 16 he was in juvenile hall facing 4 years in prison.
When he was 19 he started his first company.
Today at 37 he is the multimillionaire CEO of ViSalus, after he sold it and bought it back years later, and a NYT best-selling author living the life in the Hollywood Hills.

How does stuff like this happen? I was dying to know and today’s interview on The School of Greatness is one of my favorites so far. Ryan is one of the most humble, sincere, loving guys I know. We discussed everything from prison to mentors to crazy stalkers. Not only did I get to hang out with Ryan at his beautiful house, but I got to hike with him up a canyon beforehand. He’s that cool of a guy. If you’ve ever wondered how someone like Ryan Blair gets to where he is, the answers are in Episode 107.

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