Supercars from Middle East rule the streets of London

Supercars from Middle East rule the streets of London

Mornings in London are bit different every summer. Gold colored Bugatti and Lamborghini can be seen cruising through the streets in the early hours. All these luxury cars belong to young Arabs who love to flaunt their riches.

These Bugattis can be spotted in Knightsbridge in London and if any of these were to be auctioned, they can easily sell for over $1.7 billion. Paul Wallace, an enthusiast who runs the Supercars of London Youtube channel, makes an interesting assumption when he points out that these luxury cars are something which rich Arabs pack in their luggage and bring along to London every summer.

Data from Visit Britain points out that tourists from Middle East are the highest spenders in London. Visitors from Kuwait spend an average of $6,570 in every visit while visitors from France and Germany spend less than $2,000.

Given the spending instinct of rich Arabs, it is not surprising if this trend becomes more distinct in the coming years.

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