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How cloud services changed Honda

Honda is widely known for their cars, but what we don’t see is the bigger picture that lies behind the brand. Just like our entrepreneurs of today we must envision our business with the bigger picture in mind. That is how we continue to make our business fresh and new. This is how we continue to move a business forward.

What you will get from this video is that Honda’s goal is to provide customers with an overwhelming sense of joy and inspiration through their products. That is why they are breaking through in aviation as well as robotics to name a few. To make this successful though digital transfer is key and with the help of NTT Communications as their cloud platform they can get that done.

Small Business Success Story – Boutique Jewellery

If you’ve ever wanted to start up a online web store and was in the process of looking into vendors, you’ve most likely ran into alibaba.com. Its true they use a lot of off shore vendors and the questions about payment and shipments have definitely crossed all our minds – this video takes you through how an existing alibaba ambassador works and believes in working Alibaba.com and how they have made her sites successful.

Indonesia: An inspiring story about green business

The video documents success stories and learning processes of young entrepreneurs who received the Start and Improve Your Green Business (SYGB) training and coaching as well as start-up capital by the Central Bank of Indonesia. In the video, the young entrepreneurs demonstrate how they turn waste into a business. The programme was part of the ILO’s Development of an Effective Entrepreneurship Programme, funded by Sida.

$30,000 in Cash & Prizes: The Start Something Challenge Video Competition

Start getting motivated! and get a kickstart to begin reaching your goals.

Do you have a business idea? Is your non-profit starting a new initiative? Are you launching a new product? Share what you’re starting using a free online tool at Animoto that takes your pictures or video clips and transforms them into a cool short video clip that can be shared with millions in a matter of minutes, and win up to $10,000 for your business!

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