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Prayer for Reconciliation—Ruckusapparel.com


A Fashion Film for our Winter16 collection. Filmed in Denver, Colorado with our partners Blurred pictures. It’s our goal and mission as a company to always be pushing the limits, and so with the popular emergence of video look books in today’s fashion realm, we looked at that and thought – what if we pushed it even further…
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Modern Cornhole

Red Wood & Blue’s original Indoor Cornhole Set was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, few ever got to experience it up close, since it sold out pretty much immediately. Consider these Modern Cornhole Boards a second chance. Still designed for use indoors or in cramped quarters, each board is roughly half the size of its standard counterpart, with 8-ply tapered legs and die-cut non-stick feet to help it stay in place, a sturdy 6-ply deck, and a durable laminate exterior coating. Made in the USA, just like their far less obtainable predecessors.

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Tykho radio – Designed by Marc Berthier

This is the item in the LEXON range that has won most prizes and had the most press attention. Chosen for the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Way back in 1997—before iPods were invented, after boomboxes were a little out of style—Marc Berthier designed the Tykho radio for French brand Lexon, and the colorful silicone-covered audio box still holds up. Waterproof, with just a few intuituve buttons to maneuver, it works with soapy hands the shower, foody fingers in the kitchen, at a picnic, on the road, or anywhere you choose to tote it along for some fresh am/fm tunes.

LEXON Radios – Item 58003760

The Time Travel Experiment – IKEA

When it comes to designing a modern home at a reasonable price – IKEA is the place to go. IKEA has been inspiring upcoming entrepreneurs to college students to homeowners to push the envelope when designing their space for years. IKEA has the ability to give new light in every dull room and now that goes for their advertising as well. Continue reading The Time Travel Experiment – IKEA

Oakley – A Story of Disruption: Narrated by Kevin Spacey

History is full of visionaries who have imagined the impossible, turned it into a reality and disrupted the world around them in the process. By embracing radical new visions, ideas and concepts, these disruptors have been the originators of a new way of thinking, doing and being. They are the revolutionaries of disruptive technology and design. Continue reading Oakley – A Story of Disruption: Narrated by Kevin Spacey

15 common interior design and decorating mistakes

BillingsGazette.com | Designers see many of the same decorating “don’ts” over and over in people’s homes. The mistakes often stem from a fear of making a design mistake in the first place.

We consulted with designers in the American Society of Interior Designers Missouri East chapter to find out how to prevent decorating mistakes that can be costly and unsightly. Here are some common mistakes, and their tips for how to avoid making them:

Painting the walls before choosing furnishings: People tend to fall in love with a paint color they want to design a room around, said Catherine Geyer of Catherine Geyer Designs in St. Louis. But, while you can mix infinite paint colors, you can’t mix a fabric color. It can be more difficult to find upholstery, fabrics and accessories in a very specific shade than to have a paint color customized to what you’ve purchased, Geyer said. Continue reading 15 common interior design and decorating mistakes