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KLM Bluey – Bluey and the Christmas Airshow

KLM understands it is in all passengers’ interest when kids feel comfortable on board. Bluey offered the airline a great opportunity to present kids more than just the customary diversion.

KLM already offered their younger passengers some incentives to be entertained on board, but bringing Bluey to life turns their experience into a much richer and memorable experience. The Bluey narrative ties the whole kids experience tighter together and provides a foundation for future expansion of the program.

To bring Bluey to life, KLM developed several episodes of adventurous animation movies. These movies are available via KLM’s Inflight Entertainment System and online. Under his daddy’s wings, Bluey learns things about flying and mischievously explores the world.

In this episode, you will see that it’s very reminiscent of Disney’s “Planes” and “Cars” where you have a young character who plays the underdog to help save the day. The characters are Bluey, the little KLM plane and his friend Rudolph. With his ingenuity Bluey helps his friend Rudolph win an air stunt show. A very heartwarming story that will keep your kids and the “kids-in-heart” entertained and wanting more.