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The Cronut’s Unexpected Success Story

At Dominique Ansel Bakery in downtown Manhattan, bakers work to all hours of the night to keep up with demand. In the first installment of the Eureka! series, Bloomberg takes you behind the creation of Ansel’s most desired pastry: the Cronut.

Can Wattpad’s DIY writing empire survive an invasion by Amazon?

When venture capitalists are considering whether or not to invest in a startup, there’s a stock question many will ask the founder: What would you do if Google decided to enter your business? You could swap the name of any tech titan — Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon — into that query. The bigger picture is figuring out whether the thing you’re building is a unique and defensible business or just a cool feature these companies haven’t bothered to focus on yet. Continue reading Can Wattpad’s DIY writing empire survive an invasion by Amazon?

No Vans Land: The Hector Ricketts Story

No Vans Land tells the inspiring story of a small business owner taking on City Hall. Hector, like many other Americans, came here from Jamaica for opportunity. But like too many others, he has been forced to constantly defend himself against government attempts to restrict his business and protect powerful interests. Continue reading No Vans Land: The Hector Ricketts Story

Shinola: American Success Story

In 2011 Shinola, originally an early twentieth century shoe polish brand, was revived as a watch, bicycle and leather goods maker with a strong emphasis on American manufacturing. Naturally, Detroit, Michigan – the original motor city and spiritual home of American industry – became the brand’s base. As Detroit’s regeneration narrative gathers pace, with world renowned creatives such as photographer Bruce Weber shifting their gaze towards the city, Shinola has now opened its first stand alone store outside the US, at 13 Newburgh Street in London’s Soho. Continue reading Shinola: American Success Story