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Black Barn Conversion: The Ancient Party Barn

Built from a derelict farm in the hills outside Folkestone in Kent, the Black Barn Conversion melds what could be salvaged from the existing structure with an interesting mix of found materials. The centerpiece of the main area is a tapered brick chimney that supports both a portion of the mezzanine that houses the bed and bathrooms and a cantilevered waxed steel staircase. Huge insulated shutters recall the original barn doors while protecting an equally grand rotating window, and the original green oak framing — or the portion of it that could be repaired — is largely cosmetic, with a steel exoskeleton providing support for decades to come.


“We are thrilled that the Ancient Party Barn has been shortlisted for the prestigious Stephen Lawrence Award.”

The RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize is funded by the Marco Goldschmied Foundation, and was set up in memory of the teenager who was setting out on the road to becoming an architect when he was murdered in 1993.

The prize, which rewards the best examples of projects that have a construction budget of less than £1 million, is intended to encourage fresh talent working with smaller budgets.

Photos: Keith Collie and Will Scott / Liddicoat & Goldhill

Modern Cornhole

Red Wood & Blue’s original Indoor Cornhole Set was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, few ever got to experience it up close, since it sold out pretty much immediately. Consider these Modern Cornhole Boards a second chance. Still designed for use indoors or in cramped quarters, each board is roughly half the size of its standard counterpart, with 8-ply tapered legs and die-cut non-stick feet to help it stay in place, a sturdy 6-ply deck, and a durable laminate exterior coating. Made in the USA, just like their far less obtainable predecessors.

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