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LG OLED TV moves forward with flexible models planned for 2015

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that LG Electronics is moving forward with plans to produce super-thin, bendable TV sets and will expand its lineup of OLED TVs, with plans for a “screen that can be made to curve” next year. LG OLED plans were announced on the heels of rival Samsung’s reported exit from the OLED market earlier this month.


OLED sets are problematic for manufacturers largely because it’s difficult to mass-produce this technology efficiently at larger sizes. LG OLED TV, on the other hand, will move forward despite cost with support from profit generated by the South Korean manufacturers other TV lines.

According to the article:

LG will be the first company to market a flexible OLED television, the sides of which can be curved inward at the push of a button, Mr. Huh said. It is planned for next year, he added. “Producing a curved screen with liquid-crystal displays is doable but not if you want to flex those curves easily,” he said.

The sets planned for this year will be Ultra HD 65- and 77-inch curved models, with a standard HD 55-inch model. Pricing information will be announced at a later date.