Become a Fashion Designer

The SECRETS to Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer!

Some of us are motivated by becoming the next Social Media Mogul, others by starting and owning their own business. But the masses want to just land their dream job and get paid doing what they love to do and find success and satisfaction by making others look and feel good. Getting started in the fashion industry can be hard work and everyone has the desire to create something that everyone will love and buy, but figuring out where to start is a task for many – In this book you will learn professional secrets to getting “The Killer Job” you have always wanted!

Discover how you can achieve your ultimate dream of becoming a professional fashion designer!

  • Discover How to Draw Your Designs like a Pro!!
  • Get the Dream Job You’ve Always Wanted
  • Get Paid for What You Love Doing!
  • Start Your Very Own Fashion Line with Your Own Name!!
  • Hot Tips from the Pros! Learn the Fashion Industry Secrets!!
  • Learn How to Start Your Own Fashion Business and Be Successful!
  • Trend Forecasting Tips- stay ahead of the fashion trends!
  • How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer to make Your Clothes!

In The Fashion Industry Its Not ‘What’ You Know But Rather ‘Who’ You Know!

Annette Corrie- Director – La Mode College of Creative Industries fashion expert

With over 10 years experience in the fashion industry, I have worked as a Fashion Designer and Ladies-wear buyer and I get to travel overseas 3 times a year to Tokyo, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney and L.A.

As a Professional Fashion Designer I developed a skill to be able to predict what was going to be in fashion next, and what was going to sell! Fashion isn’t about how good you can draw or sketch, or how good you can sew a garment. Fashion Design is all about knowing what people want to wear and developing a garment that will sell at the right price to your customer!

Here are My Top 5 Tips for Getting Into The Fashion Industry:

1. Have Passion (for fashion)
2. Have Knowledge of new trends and emerging labels (know your competition)
3. Know what sells and what customers want to wear…
4. Be Prepared to do what it takes and work your way up
5. Know how the fashion industry and retail industry works.

I have put a fashion course together from my experience as a successful fashion designer to help fashionistas like yourself get into the industry and start their careers.

The Words ‘Cannot’ Or ‘Impossible’ Do Not Exist Because If I Can, You Can- And This E-book Manual Will Show You How!
It took me quite a few years to collate everything I have learned from the Fashion Industry- from trend research to product design- through to production….then getting your designs on the shop floor.

I have now put all of that information, into a very easy to follow steps. (I just wish that a detailed instructions like this was available when i first started out!- It would have saved me 3 years of full time study!)

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