UKYS is bringing tailored shirts for an affordable price

Have you ever been struggled to find a perfect fitting shirt? Can’t afford a tailored shirt? The traditional tailored shirts are not only expensive but I would also cost you lots of time.

UKYS was born with the mission to provide the best fitting, high quality shirt at an affordable price and in an easiest way you could think of.

UKYS is an online custom-clothing tailor and retailer. UKYS stands for You Keep Your Style. We trust that each man has his own way of influencing the public via his own individual, unique style. You’ve got it, so keep it, and we’ll help you up your game.

UKYS offer an unforgettable online shopping experience for gentlemen looking for custom-tailored suits with quality products and services from the heart. You can place an order with just a few clicks after an incredibly simple setup for an online body measurement profile. Welcome to your future as an owner of UKYS suits individually made to your exact specifications and unique desires. No matter where you are, you can expect your suit to arrive in around two weeks. Our dedicated team is honored to be your personal tailor to complete your look through your self-designed outfits.

Let UKYS help you fulfill your unique style so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you look great wherever you go.


Mr. Lam Nguyen – Founder
Mr. Lam Nguyen has more than 10 years of experience in online business, online product development, and business operations. He previously worked for VNG Corporation, a national well respected Internet company, where he was a Group Product Manager of leading online projects such as ZING MP3, ZING ME, ZALO, 123MUA, and more. Under his leadership, the number of Zing users skyrocketed to nearly 40 million. He is the Founder of as and services as its Chief Product Officer.

Ms. Pauline Tran – Co-Founder
Pauline is passionate about providing custom clothing to gentlemen around the world. She wants to create a custom-world independent from the tape measure. She has ten years experience in business development and operation expertise for various international corporates (Coca Cola, The Ascott Limited).
She believes that her attitude determines her altitude. She is an introvert entrepreneur. She loves working with inspirational people.

UKYS Founder
Lam Nguyen, Founder and Pauline Tran, Co- Founder

The Story
Once upon a time on a business trip to London, UKYS Co-founder Pauline Tran was deeply impressed by the immense world of custom apparel. She felt as if she lost herself in an amazingly dreamy world filled with amazingly professional suits. Afterwards, she continued to nurture her desire to further explore the custom clothing world.

A few years later, while working in the hospitality industry, she realized how great suits were crucial for a man to project an ideal image in public. She often saw her colleagues and line managers desperately seeking high-quality but affordable custom-tailored suits for some special event, only to wind end up with a very limited (and overpriced) selection or worse, off-the-rack suits that just didn’t work. This prompted her to pursue a better approach to fashionable menswear.

UKYS was born from the heart. Our passion is to promote the value of custom-tailored clothes crafted by talented Vietnamese people. Leveraging the vast experience housed in a country famous for textiles and dedicated tailors, UKYS began putting together a business based on offering custom-tailored clothes and specializing in suits. Suits never lose their appeal, which is why demand for them always remains strong.

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